They should finally admit the Change was Bad and Hope is Fading

The economy is in flux and the “great” market is only helping that top 1% earn money. Those are people the President said he was going to tax the crap out of to pay for the unemployed and illegals to have healthcare, education, food  and shelter. But SURPRISE, they, the 1%, are the ones benefiting from the George Soros approved economic policies of the Obama Administration. The rest of us are losing 5% to 15% of our incomes year by year. O’s policies are failing the poor, the middle class. In the African-American communities unemployment is reported nationally at 15% but we know some communities are at 55% to 60% unemployment. A growing amount of dependent people are looking to government for everything. The college graduates come out to no jobs or their degree is ignored and they take any open position just to survive. You know, the ones who still have a work and responsibility ethic. How about the strategy for energy? The administration, the Democrats have killed the coal industry, refused to drill and build refineries, they can’t support the Keystone pipeline even though every study vindicated the supporters science and the same happened with fracking. Again American citizens will pay more and more for energy while they push these JV energy sources like wind and solar. And then Obama claims he is creating jobs as the economic work participation rates drop to 61%. That’s 39% not part of the economy, without jobs, without income. Obama’s policies are failing everyone but the richest in America.

The lack of border security coupled with Obama’s Uni-vision invitation to everyone in the world to just “come on in” and “we’ll take care of you.” This open ended invite without already having set up and voted on policy and procedure when these people hit the border, led to the railroading of immigrant children from Honduras and Guatemala and is costing the American tax payer more money at a time of no jobs and high tax rates. And in addition to this economic weight, recent illegal immigrants and the huge influx of children, up some 412% over the previous years, has brought in the top 10 infectious diseases back into the US, diseases it took decades and decades to get control of and have people immunized. Like TB and so many others. We all saw it in the pictures Obama is blaming for  stopping his earlier threatened executive order and edict.  Criminals, terrorists, drug cartel members, who look eerily like Hamas, and rapists and pedophiles are just rolling on in as I type this blog. We don’t even know who’s here legally or illegally. Again Obama’s policies are failing Americans while illegals are being fast tracked into schools, into the welfare system, into the healthcare system and they will eventually take away the lower wage jobs that I took as a kid to earn some money.

This Administration’s global ideology has included financing and arming terrorists organizations like The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, The Free Syrian Army and others, like Al Qaeda in Libya. Their support of the so called “Arab Spring” from 2010 on, has seen a steady 4 year rise in racial and cultural violence world wide. This administration turned away from Israel and turned to the Palestinian leadership and what did we get but thousands of rockets fired into Israel in a 2 month time. Africa is seeing more and more racial and Islamist violence with seemingly no end in sight.  Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria are all American foreign policy failures led by the Obama Administration. Egypt saved itself in spite of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry impact. In fact Obama pleaded to let the Muslim Brotherhood have their government back after the MB was arrested. More world violence, less stability, the genocide of thousands and thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Assyrians, Kurds, Iraqi Jews, Nigerians, Liberians, Sudanese, all facing greater violence in their countries then we have seen in our whole lifetimes.

These critical areas are the Presidents responsibility, although Barack H.O. thinks it’s everyone else’s job, and are epic failures and have endangered America. These are not just small policy issues or partisan opinion. The world is on fire and the commander in chief, the former leader of the free world, is playing golf and going through his bucket list, like Stonehenge in England. So while he ignores the growing African Caliphate of Boko Haram and Al Shabbab I want to give the President some things to add to his damn insulting tax payer funded bucket list:

Secure the Border

Tell the truth about Benghazi

Tell the truth about the IRS-FEC-DNC-DOJ collusion leading up to the Nov 2011 election

Bring us Lois Lerner!

Tax cuts and reform before any more increases if ever

Border security before immigration reform

Destroy ISIS and all your other Islamist friends



The Jewboy Journal       September 7, 2014        Jewboy Feldman


Killing Osama meant nothing and who can’t see WWIII

The death of Osama Bin Ladin meant nothing in terms of the worldwide Islamic Shariah Revolution. Since then the terrorist groups reorganized, built new communication channels and found new leadership. But America, from 2009 on, slowly and methodically dismantled  our terror intelligence capability, exposed sources and methods to our enemies, rejected any type of profiling like Israel does, as if the war on terror was over simply because Obama and democrats promised it would be. Obama even had a few of those executive orders allowing certain people to circumvent the standard TSA check. We were told Al Qaeda was “decimated”, quite a word to use by our golfing wordsmith in chief.

We watched this administration play right into and give verbal support for anti-Israel propaganda, with Hillary “I hit my head” Clinton and John “The Fool” Kerry sent by Obama to strong arm Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu into decisions that have only harmed Israel and emboldened Hamas to kill more Jews. This administration  sent billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, The “Free” Syrian Army, to some still unknown Libyan factions of Al  Qaeda or some sharia driven islamists. Now they all fight with ISIS. It was Obama that created, or allowed to be created by others, the perfect environment for ISIS to grow, to rob banks, take US military equipment, develop an extensive media network using Twitter and Facebook and other foreign social sites for recruiting, organizing, the calling to arms of be-headers, to show the evil heinous acts they commit  to gain in the psyops war and to send out threatening propaganda, even a Twitter picture of the ISIS flag outside the White House.

Well this Administration, this State Department, this Department of Defense and this CIA all claimed they never saw this coming!

The Kurds have been fighting this madness for a century. The Israelis have been fighting this racist hate veiled in a religion since 1948 and even earlier if you count the anti-Jewish riots of the 1920’s and Hebron Massacre and even earlier if you remember that Islam drove the Jews from Medina in AD 627 .

From -“The story of Jews of Medina is a case of ethnic cleansing, betrayal and genocide carried out by the Messenger of Allah. The prophet raided the 2000 year old Jewish communities of Medina, killed their men, confiscated their properties, enslaved their wives and children and banished the unwanted with no provocation on the part of the Jews. ”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Then there is the Arabs alignment with Hitler’s Nazi Germany in WWII where they formed the Ba’ath Socialist Party modeled on Nazism which is the governmental format run by formely Qaddafi and Assad in Syria. Anwar Sadat of Egypt was also a Ba’athist but after making peace with Israel he was assassinated in 1981 by the Muslim Brotherhood. That is when Mubarak took over and kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check and in jail.

Point being, who can’t see WWIII smoldering everywhere? Apparently our main stream media doesn’t, they are just catching up to Obama being an inexperienced community organizer.  Apparently this Administration can’t see it. But it was their foreign policy, their optics in the media, their words and their week domestic security policy that has led to the world being on fire. Communists blowing things up in Thailand. Terrorists killing people all over Africa. Jihadists knifing people in China. Muslims threatening and attacking people in Europe. And remember Boston, Fort Hood, NYC.

The be-heading of James Foley is a clear act of war by any standard. We need to start acting like it is!


The Jewboy Journal      August 24, 2014   Jewboy Feldman

Mr. President, When is it the right time?

Well America has managed to keep boots off the ground in Iraq. We are told that the majority of the American people feel that is right. The Obama Administration is calling for some bombing runs, some apparently helpful to the people running from genocide. Canada, France, Australia, Germany have all sent or promised help, food, weapons, resettlement.  America sent in 130 “advisers” who supposedly reported that the people were ok, they had food and water. There was a delay in the ISIS attacks. No problem, let’s leave, and they did. Then less than 6 hours later, ISIS took another 200 or so Yezidi and murdered them over the converting to Islam threat.

Over this past week, 1000’s more indigenous people in Iraq have been killed, raped (with reports of suicides by dozens of the woman who already had been kidnapped and spent time with ISIS and were dropped back off near Sinjar Mountain.) or sold into slavery never to be seen again. But it’s not just ISIS committing these heinous acts.

So let’s focus on the overall issue. There is a worldwide Islamist movement, set to kill or convert everyone. Not just in Kurdistan, Iraq or Syria. In Nigeria  Boko Haram just murdered, a few days back, 1000 Christians after overtaking their town. Hamas is in an active war with Israel, preaching the same message as ISIS and Boko Haram along with Islamic Jihad, Al Fatah, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabbab, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, PLO/PLA and the Taliban: “Death to Jews. Death to Christians. Death to America.  This is heard even in halls of Iran’s government.

The US military has been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for years. Obama and John “The Fool” Kerry’s foreign policy has erased any progress that may have been made there.  So since the mismanaged “police action” in Vietnam and the successive grueling campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan,  our government says we are war-weary. Are we also weary of protecting our southern border?

But like many other attempted genocides in recent history, Rwanda, Nazi Germany, Pol Pot in Southeast Asia, we are facing another huge humanitarian disaster. 1000’s dying weekly in multiple areas in the world, woman being raped and sold. Christians, Jews, Secular and indigenous people s being slaughtered with attempts at erasing them from history by these vile racist inhuman gangs of butchers.

President Obama, When is the right time for America to intervene and stop the growing worldwide genocide?


The Jewboy Journal   August 17, 2014     Jewboy Feldman

Kurdistan Allies or Who are the Peshmerga

I have vocally and in writing supported the Kurds since the 1st Iraq War. In my mind, these folks are normal human beings, a lot like us. Their fighters, called Peshmerga by many of the small ethnic groups that make up The Kurdistan Alliance, protect them all; Muslims, secular people, Christians, Yezidis, Turkish Kurds, Syrian Kurds, Iranian Kurds, Jewish Kurds. It sounds a lot like our values of liberty, justice and equality.


That woman for the Iraqi Parliament who had been pleading to save her people, in watching that video I was watching a true hero, a heroine! She brought the attention of the world to the genocide in Iraq. Then while helping and flying on the helicopters, bringing food and water to the top of Sinjar Mountain, she was hurt when the helicopter crashed leaving with people and to pick up more supplies and we pray for her. But it is still untold how many people she has or will save by her actions. A truly brave woman.

I feel a huge solidarity with these people. Kurd, Yezidi, Peshmerga. They are fighting the same fight we are, that Israel is. The fight against terrorism and they have for many years. They were no friend of the Ba’ath Socialists or Saddam Hussein. They fight for liberty, religious freedom and their families. Sounds like my kinda people!  Well reports from Mosul, where this genocide started to peak, people in Mosul, Sunni specifically, were helping ISIS find them, capture them, torture and kill them. The Sunni hailed ISIS while they were driving out the Christians.


Even with ISIS committing horrors all over Kurdistan and the continued bombings in Baghdad, the Obama Administration is still trying to rationalize their “get out of Iraq” propaganda. Hack adviser to Obama, David Axelrod, says “occupying Iraq was a grave mistake.” But how many Yezidi or Kurds would still be alive and how many woman would not have been raped or sold into slavery or used as Brides to ISIS? Is 100 ok? 500? 1000? for this administration to see this is genocide?

Yes, Israel and Kurdistan face the same enemy, the same threats, the same hate. And you don’t negotiate with terrorists who commit genocide. I believe we have missed the genocide in Nigeria and Mali happening now. We missed Rwanda. We missed the Nazi genocide until millions were already dead. ISIS must be stopped. America can’t sit by and watch as France and Germany send weapons and aid. We bomb but to what end?

We can’t let Obama and his administration be wrong about Iraq again.

The Jewboy Journal                August 13, 2014   Jewboy Feldman


The Yezidi’s Masada and the 2011 Iraq Pull Out

The other day as I watched a YouTube video of a member of the Iraqi Parliament. a Yezidi woman, who was an MP with the Kurdistan Alliance. She yelled and cried, with a deep look of horror in her eyes and she broke down screaming at Parliament to “save my people”. In 2 more days, ISIS had taken over 100 Yezidi woman captive, to give to the ISIS soldiers as gifts or sell them into slavery. ISIS is implementing Sharia Law and using it to kill opponents, non-Muslims, anyone not “with” them. Now a whole community is trapped on a mountain, surrounded by the be-headers, stone throwers, rapists, murders. I shuddered as I thought of the Holocaust and I thought of my people’s plight on top of Masada so lng ago. People trapped by violent racist haters, bent on destruction. It has been hard to take.

I think about the woman taken away from their people, driven from their homes, now kidnapped and what will be their fate? On my web sites, I have re-posted pictures of woman being prepared for stoning. Pictures of woman shell-shocked and lost in the savagery. What sickness is this religious philosophy. We are witnessing the worst of mankind, a disgusting religious excuse to kill, mutilate, be-head or rape anyone.

George W. Bush led us into the “2nd “Iraq War”, as it’s called in the media and by late 2005 into 2006 it was a political hot potato. The democrats vilified the Bush Administration over this war. The democrats took over the Senate and the House in 2007 much of it based on the war protest and the missing WMD. Obama rolled in by 2008 and ran on Iraq. He promised to end the war there, not based on any facts as we tried to point out all during the campaign but based on an anti-war ideology that transcended the reality on the ground with an anti-western, pro-islamist tone. From 2009 through 2010 through 2011 it proved to be harder for the Obama Administration to do that as they had planned and campaigned on, but he finally forced the withdrawal in 2012 for 100% political reasons, not facing the truth reported on the ground, not knowing enough about the past 60 years of history or just using the available information to create political spin and “not doing stupid stuff” or in other words, let everything fall as it may no matter the result because he did write in his book, The Audacity of Hope, Pg 261:

“I will stand with the Muslims should the winds shift in an ugly direction”  Living up to that creed isn’t he?

Last night more pictures of ISIS driving our armored HMV’s and I was trying to understand how much military equipment Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Brennan and Hagel had actually lost or given away, lost to the “Free Syrian Army”, lost to the “Syrian rebels”, all now in solidarity with and fighting with ISIS. Then I remembered “Fast and Furious”. How many weapons did we really give away to that program? All I know is the drug cartels look just like ISIS and Hamas; Masks, guns, uniforms, the whole works. And then there is Benghazi, a worse cover up than Watergate ever was!

Now Christians in Iraq and Syria are slowly being exterminated by these sick people, this evil, inhumane, animalistic philosophy. Obama’s response? A few bombings. Some food drops. Not one clear admonition against this sick movement. He never confronted the facts head on, as usual I guess. Or he wants it ignored before the 2014 elections. And where are the weapons for the Kurds? The only human beings in this region.

The mess today in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Mali, Gaza, Ukraine, Burma, Thailand all lay at the door step of the Obama Administration. There is a lot of blood on their hands.

They should be held accountable. They should resign in shame.

They should apologize to America, to Israel, to the thousands and possibly millions of people, Yezidis, Egyptian Coptic, Kurds, Syriac, Jewish Kurds, Christians in Nigeria, in Mali, in Burma and all the indigenous people, who are now suffering at the hands of the clear results of Obama’s foreign policy, his bent ideology and the icing on the cake, sending of arms to terrorists.


The Jewboy Journal       August 17, 2014          Jewboy Feldman

The World’s Christian Refugees vs. The infectious children and M13 gang members

The Obama Administration wants America to welcome, with open arms, 12 to 15 million (no on knows the exact number)  illegal alien immigrants that are already here and also the growing mob of children, assorted gang members, poor desperate people fleeing Honduras and Ecuador and who knows what the other countries of origins are for many of the ‘invaders’, like West Africa and Southeast Asia, criminals, people physically ill with TB, Small pox, scabies, chicken pox, MRSA, staph infections and now we learn that since January of this year, 71 people with Ebola have crossed into America. These people are not refugees of war.

The debate over immigration reform vs. just securing the border and expelling illegals is so political that the real facts never make the main stream media. Our country took years to get the infectious diseases under control, to get the citizens vaccinated to treat and contain the infections. But now, through executive fiat, the Obama Administration is risking the health of our entire population. Bus and train loads of these people the Obama Administration just decided to take in and care for, have been sent to Alaska (maybe they just wanted a negative immigration sound bite from Sarah P.), Massachusetts, Illinois, the entire South West, all over the country. This is some huge risk to take to gain politically with certain special interest groups. And in all truth, these actions are for people who are not going to raise up our society. They are not the scientists, the doctors, the engineers, not even professional landscapers. Remember there were  great American Immigrants over the history of this country. People who were proud Americans, not displaying their home country flag all the time. People who took responsibility for their lives and worked hard for their families, not just sat back and collected entitlements, benefits and “free” healthcare. They built communities and businesses and lived a civil society as best that they could. They learned the language, the culture and became Americans. My grandparents just to name a few. If anything, they will take low-level jobs from unemployed Americans, they will again burden the healthcare system and the brunt falls on the taxpayers, ‘The Employed Class’ as I like to say, a shrinking group. Their admission to America will drive up costs, as they continually do, when they get treated to the government dole.

But just like the Jimmy Cater-Cuba Mariel boat lift, a mass emigration of Cubans who departed from Cuba’s Mariel Harbor between April 15 and October 31, 1980.  Fidel Castro unloaded psychiatric hospital, prisons and sent the criminals and rapists to Miami. There were also our Cuban friends, truly persecuted by the Castro regime, but they were not the majority. And that’s what we have streaming here now, at the Presidents invitation, organized by the government. Cuba had a huge cost savings. Raul and Fidel were probably partying on the beach near Guantanamo, laughing. The American tax payers and the local Floridians bared the brunt of not only the cost, but the crime with unemployed people who don’t speak the language, sleeping in the streets, clogging up the emergency rooms and the social services offices. Even this week, Biden was calling for lawyers to help each and every immigrant. That’s why I believe that this time this administration pre-planned entry points, holding areas, all the logistics necessary to have their own media event at the border and create the illusion of  humanitarianism. And the Obama Administration along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, swear that we are responsible. Biden says they are ‘our’ kids. That America should embrace all these people seeking a new life, maybe they were pursuing what was a lie told to them for Coyote money, but no matter why they are here, we are supposed to just step back and say ok. For the children. But they just seem to be people coming here to defraud our government, defraud the tax payers of money, health services and education assistance.

Now let’s contrast that with the growing number of Christian refugees. All over the world, Christians are being killed, raped and driven out of their communities: Iraq, Syria, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria. Even an Iraqi MP, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Vian Dakhi broke down in tears after recounting the reported deaths of 500 members of the ethnic Yazidi minority during the recent onslaught by the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Pleas from Christian leaders ( but seemingly not this Pope) from all over Africa, as refugees are fleeing death, rape and slavery. ISIS, the Syrian Rebels, the Libyan rebels, Boko Haram,AL Shabbab are all beheading people, stoning others to death because they are not Muslim.

Why has the Obama  Administration done virtually nothing? They basically said nothing, even during the big Africa Summit, Obama’s newest photo-op, about the Muslim violence against Christians. Nothing was seemingly said, it was un addressed. A few comments sent through Samantha Powers and Susan Rice and some other lackeys from the State Department. And John ‘The Fool’ Kerry, instead of defending Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing and attacking Israel’s self-defense battle, working with and taking direction from Qatar, he should have been reaching out to not only to the Christian refugees being killed daily but also the indigenous people who have lived in these areas for over 2 thousand years. Lands now invaded by the Islamists, slowly taking over, just like they did, very quietly, well as far as MSM press goes, in Nigeria. Why hasn’t the Obama Administration, so concerned over humanitarian causes and justice, gone after the rouge, violent militaristic Islamist governments and organizations in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Why didn’t America invite the Christian refugees here, like France, of all places, did?  Like the invite Obama gave to the Central Americans?

Is Obama a racist?


The Jewboy Journal          August 7, 2014   Jewboy Feldman




America, is still the major inspiration for Liberty and Freedom

The Founding Father’s of America started something new in the world, when they stood up to the tyranny of England, stood up for individual rights, stood up for the right to bear arms, stood up to taxation without representation, stood up for property ownership rights, stood up for free speech rights, the list goes on. It was so revolutionary that an inspired France gave us the Statue of Liberty, a recognition that the American Revolution was the real start of the belief that free men and small government, without tyranny, can exist as a framework and ultimately succeed in practice.

From that time on, America was the beacon for individual liberty, not just a simple democracy, but a republic of citizens rights, freedom from oppressive governance and the right to property. America was different. Many in the world took this inspiration of freedom and tried to lead their countries to adopt some form of this government and social revolution. And as America grew, it faced it’s worst challenges and fought an internal civil war to find it’s conscious over slavery. Many American’s died in this fight for freedom and liberty and America grew better for it by facing it head on.

Over the past 238 years America has helped and tried to assist many others to attain freedom from tyranny. But the problem has always been the same, that America can’t make liberty and freedom happen around the world, can’t force real change, can’t legislate morality. The people of the many countries and cultures crying for these dreams, that want change, need to take their lead from the Founding Fathers. Stand up and fight for THEIR liberty. America can’t be the liberty police in the world. America should be the inspiration, and possibly the support for people’s inalienable rights.  But not for stupid political or power reasons, but only to support The People fighting for the responsibility that comes with liberty.

But the world can’t just sit and wait for America to make it happen. They need to grasp the ideals of the Constitution and implement them in their lives, their countries and cultures. They need to lead their fight against tyranny, in all it’s forms, by standing up, speaking out, risking life and limb, being prepared for the battle that comes when individuals stand up to tyranny and stand up to violent aggressive regimes.

It’s never easy. America’s freedom and liberty came at great cost and the people in the world who want these inalienable rights from G-d, even if you are an atheist, you have these rights, need to make the necessary sacrifices to attain the open civil society they are striving to build.

I heard an inspiring story, of the villagers in 3 cities in Syria fighting ISIS for their liberty:

Taken from ”  ‘Wide resentment’ Fighting erupted on Wednesday after IS detained three tribesmen, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Turkish-based activist Mustafa Osso said. The detentions apparently broke an agreement with local people in the villages of Kishkiyeh, Abu Hamam and Granij, and tribesmen torched the IS headquarters in Ashara in retaliation, the Observatory said. IS reportedly rushed in reinforcements from the Iraqi border town of Qaim but were forced out of the villages. Tribesmen also captured the nearby Tanak oil field, according to the Observatory. “There has been wide resentment recently because of Islamic State’s acts,” Mr Osso told AP news agency.”

This is a good sign because these are the people that need to stand up, need to be heard, need to fight for their liberty.

Israel get’s it. They don’t depend on anyone else for self defense or survival. They take the responsibility for their existence. They take the responsibility for their freedom and their liberty. They take the responsibility for their families, their communities  and their G-d.

No questions asked.


The Jewboy Journal        August 3, 2014        Jewboy Feldman

But is was on TV or that’s not Cronkite!

Aren’t you sick and tired of the main stream media’s coverage of the War with Hamas that Israel is waging, defending itself. Even after numerous accounts that “the school playground” killings were Hamas rockets and the UNRWA school was full of rockets, launchers and other weapons of terrorists, you’d think otherwise. Even an Italian reporter, Gabriel Barbati, who witnessed and reported on the horror in Shati that day, said after he was safely out of Gaza, that witnesses said that militants (Hamas) had gone to clean up the crime scene, stage the pictures. He said that “Israel was not behind it”. That was early on 7/30/2014. But if you watched ABC,news or read the AP that day, you’d think the “outrage” by the militants was truth and you’d never know that Israel is NOT THE AGGRESSOR in this conflict, but a defender. The Pro-Hamas, Pro-Obama biased reporting, which is getting their death toll counts from a Hamas controlled group, and their info might as well be right from Hamas’ own propagandists, and this relationship with the media is getting to be too common place.

The Obama administration is trying to blackmail and pressure Israel to stop fighting, stop destroying the tunnels, stop the elimination of Hamas, even if it means, and it will, more casualties. The media bias and the anti-Semitic world protests are painting Israel as killing civilians knowingly, as if Israel is trying to take Gaza, just to mess with the so called ‘palestinians’. They have even warned the citizens before they would bomb locations. Jew hate is appearing everywhere, driven by Islamist racists using diatribes mixed with the European Flavored Nazi styled anti-Semitic propaganda. The U.N. is treating Israel the way it should be treating Iran, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Russia, the PLO/PLA! Why no threats and vitriol focusing on ISIS (ISIL) or Al Shabbab. Why don’t they threaten the instigators of ALL of the world’s violence, race hate, sexism and terrorism.

But if you watched ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and their fake cable news stations, or listened to NPR or the other left wing rags out there, you’d never know that 160 Gazan children died while building the terror tunnels, or that Hamas rocket miss fires had accounted for hundreds of the reported dead, or that Hamas killed woman and children, that a protest in Gaza against the Israeli bombing was interrupted by miss fired (or maybe not) Hamas rockets and when there was an anti-War protest in Gaza, Hamas executed many of the marchers. Listening to the media you’d think Israel was targeting the kids in the middle of this sick Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood-Obama made mess. Well the Hamas central command center in the the largest hospital in Gaza. Hamas took an old Red Cross clinic, one that had not been operated in years and set up shop. It was reported they put an UNRWA sign on the old structure. When the IDF arrived there to demolish the reported tunnels running underneath the clinic, they were fooled by the sign and they were met by numerous booby traps, explosives and  ball bearings, killing 3 soldiers and injuring at least 15 other IDF defenders and tunnel busters.

Hamas uses Human Shields, no small thing. You’d think the media doesn’t see this as a problem. But it is, and then it’s Israel that is held to a higher standard, worse than a double standard. John ‘The Fool” Kerry calls Benjamin Netanyahu “stubborn head that understands nothing”! But it’s John F. Kerry who understands nothing! Failure after failure, in theater after theater, fanning fire after fire. His Pro-Islamist bent, that Obama and Brennan, Jarrett and S. Rice share, that is leading  this to be as violent as it has become. They keep giving these terrorists money and moral support. Nancy Pelosi again notes that Hamas is a ‘humanitarian organization’, that we have to talk to Qatar to know what’s going on, to know what our options are.  The State Departments is so loud admonishing Israel but are surely quiet as Hamas, Abbas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Iran and CAIR call for Israel’s death, and as they lead calls for death to all Jews.

I recalled Obama’s May 2011 speech where he stated that” returning to 1967 borders is basic to any peace plan” in the region. That was the same time he was shunning and dissing the Israeli Prime Minister in front of the media. It’s no wonder that now they are pushing that agenda, in the background, and the State Department is trying to intimidate Israel into making some bad decisions. But so far Bibi Netanyahu is holding the line. In spite of the Media. In spite of the terror. In spite of the sacrifice. Through all the propaganda, miss direction and Hamas lies, the incursion into Gaza and the destroying of the terror tunnels is not only right but it is just! It’s the front line in the  continuing, seemingly unending,  War on Terror,  and it’s Israel fighting for it’s existence all over again!


The Jewboy Journal      7-30-2014         Jewboy Feldman

Who’s border is it anyway or is America Pro-Hamas

The Obama Administration is constantly prancing around stating ” the majority of Americans” support immigration reform or some form of amnesty, or the majority support Obamacare, or the majority agrees with slapping Israel in the face over their response to terrorism, or the majority doesn’t care about Benghazi,  or the majority supports transgender rights, green energy, Common Core, leading from behind foreign policy. Is it true? Do the majority of American support these things?

It seems to me that most Americans are against the open invitations to cross over our southern border and move right in, enroll in school, get federally funded food, housing and educational benefits and Obamacare’s Medicaid plan, even if you are not a small child from Honduras. It seems to me most Americans want answers to the Benghazi murders, answers about Fast and Furious, answers over the domestic spying by the NSA, answers about the feckless and vague foreign policy of this administration that has led to a world on fire. The conflicts in the Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but a few, lay at the door step of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, John Brennan, Obama and all his advisers, from Susan Rice to Valerie Jarrett, from Van Jones to Arif Ali khan.

I believe most Americans want the IRS-FEC-Democrat Party campaign organizations collusion exposed and the people held accountable, criminally and otherwise. To me, this is particularly egregious since a standing president used government agencies to undermine private organizations and tie up the money of his political opponents to win an election, one which saw him get 8 million fewer votes than the previous election. This is a huge crime against the Constitution, against the majority of Americans and against simple ethics.

And I believe that most Americans support Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself. I believe that a majority of Americans do not support groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Kerry and Obama defend to this day. Well Hamas is a wing, a division of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian wing of the terror organization. This administration has given billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan rebels, Syrian rebels and Hamas, a declared illegal terrorist organization, where it is against the law to negotiate with or make joint plans with as an American. another crime of this administration. Remember the NATO support for Libya. Remember the 1.3 billion for the Muslim Brotherhood that Kerry delivered to Morsi, and earlier Obama had made sure Morsi would win his election in Egypt. The “fake” Arab Spring. And thank the lord for the Egyptian Army, saving Egypt from being another Libya or Syria. Did the majority of Americans support these uses of the People’s money, America’s military might and sacrificing American treasure?  (Please note that more American’s have died in Afghanistan under Obama’s watch than under G.W. Bush.)

Do the majority of Americans support the direction our economy is going in, support the current foreign policies? Do the majority of Americans support the splintering of our society, being split into conflicting groups that are easier to predict and control?

Well if the majority of Americans are sick and tired of all of this, then we need to show it in November 2014 and vote them all out if need be. We must focus and vote for people who are not, and have not been, part of the sick Washington DC alliance of bad policies and the socialist anti-Constitutional direction America has been dragged in, allowed by the sitting Congress. We must vote in a huge conservative block to win. Now let’s stop talking and get it done!

Is the 66 years of racist propaganda working or I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe that 66 years later we are still listening to the same racist anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda. They have actually been using these same stories since the 1920’s.  The anti-Jewish riots that took place in the 1920’s, the whole decade, wrought with real anti-immigration racism that was capped off on 8/23/1929 with the Hebron Massacre when 67 Jews were murdered for being Jews, houses and synagogues burned to the ground, woman and children hurt. I can’t believe that after all the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas propaganda lies have been seen for what they are and after decades of violence and hate, on every continent, moving slowly into every country, that they can successfully create a media moral equivalence based on nothing real, nothing historically accurate.

I can’t believe that in London, Paris, Berlin, Canada, in Los Angeles, there are hateful and anti-Semitic anti-Israel protests springing up, supporting Gaza, even after all the violence, all the rockets, all the Islamist rhetoric. The Islamists have shown up all over Europe. They marched in Germany and called for the gassing of Jews. All the old negative Jewish stereotypes, all the old blood libel crap, all the “Jewish conspiracies”  and calling for the death and destruction. Reminds me of Munich, Berlin, Warsaw but it was today in Paris and New York.

With Obama and Kerry running around babbling, a couple of frauds and liars, as they try to speak to both sides of the conflict out of both sides of their mouths. They say STOP to Israel which was taking rockets for weeks before any of this became a media event. The “Event” began, not when the rockets began, not when the 3 Israeli boys were kidnapped and murdered but it started when 1 Arab boy was heinously murdered by some sick people. Well the old 66 year old propaganda machine took this and ran with it and now you have riots all over the globe to stop Israeli aggression, which doesn’t exist, Israeli oppression, which is simply defense, and kill the Jews, because this whole thing is based on pure racism.

Forget the facts, as usual:

Israel wants peace.  Hamas, the MB, the PLO, the PLA all want Jews dead! And Israel eliminated.

The lands of Gaza and West Bank were originally taken by Israel as a land buffer after being attacked month after month, year after year, decade after decade. Then Israel traded Gaza for peace and got more violence and death threats instead. Constant attacks and tunneling. This situation now proves Israel should re-annex Gaza.

Agreed to ceasefire and stoppages are broken only by Hamas and the other terror groups.

Israel delivers food and medical supplies to Gaza and Hamas just fires more rockets, DURING the humanitarian ceasefire.

The global terrorists stored rockets in Sudan and were running them up to Gaza, as the Israeli embargo stops them from coming direct. It’s like Obama sneaking weapons to Jordan and Libya, to ship them to the Free Syrian Army which has now joined ISIS.

I can’t believe we still need to argue a case for Israel. At all.

'Scum' Tweeting CNN Reporter Reassigned to Moscow

The Jewboy Journal  7-25-2014   Jewboy Feldman

Obama’s Feckless Foreign Policy or The Trojan Horse of Islamic Terror

All over the world, in so many countries, there are Anti-Israel rallies going on right now. Calls for the death to Israel and such anti-Semitic anti-Jewish propaganda as blood libel are everywhere. It’s starting to smell a lot like Munich 1938.

Israel, formerly America’s #1 ally in a world full of racist hate and terrorism is now set up and alone, surrounded by terrorist groups funded and armed by the Obama Administration, by choice or by bad policy. Our foreign policy, if we really even have one at all, is unfocused, drifting, vague and the world sees it, our enemies see it. And guess what people, we have enemies that want us destroyed in every way and say it every day. Just like the terrorism against Israel.

An example of this ridiculous miss directed foreign policy is in the Ukraine Conflict we stand against Russia, calling them out for aiding the shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner but in the Syrian-Iraqi Conflict the US has worked with Russia, for and against Assad’s government, for and against the people be-heading Syrian soldiers.

How much more confusing can America be to the world, our allies and our enemies. We have become just another seat at the EU, another inept seat at the UN (which should be moved next to The Hague and outta here). The team of Obama, Kerry, (Hillary helped a lot) John Brennan, a Muslim,  Chuck Hagel, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Samantha Powers are constantly speaking in conflict with each other and the world knows we do not have the vision, the common goals for America’s role and stature.

Look how we are handling our own border crisis in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We are acting like we have no borders, with the Democrats inviting everyone in, with our President going on Univision TV and telling the world to come get some Obamacare! As if National Sovereignty doesn’t exist anymore in America. It’s no wonder that Israel’s Sovereignty and strong defense of it’s borders and citizens is called and treated as apartheid by the UN, the EU and John Kerry.

This sad miss guided crew needs to be removed from office as soon as possible before we sink any further into a world war that we are setting ourselves up to lose.


The Jewboy Journal   7-20-2014   B. Irving Feldman

Islamic Racism and Sexism – violence as expression 7-17-2014

It has become time for this to end. The Islamic Racism and Sexism, the violence as expression. This can no longer be tolerated on any level – Murdering. Beheading. Raping. Mutilating. They still are using a blessing from Allah and the Crusades from 1200 years ago as the reason and excuse for the violence. They claim they are angry and want their Caliphate back. They claim Israel is a reason, but even before there was an Israel, these same haters held The Anti-Jewish Riots and Violence in the 1920’s! The same decade that saw the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. The precursor to Al Fatah, PLO/PLA/ Hamas/ AL Qaeda and now the creation by this administration, ISIS (or ISIL as Obama prefers to use).

Obama’s personal emotional opinions about the religion he was raised in as a boy needs to be kept out of our Foreign Policy. It disgusts me to see ISIS driving our Hum Vees to Baghdad due to the sloppy and unrivaled support for our enemies- Islamic Terrorists, and he will still try to continue to flow money and arms their way. THIS MUST END. There is no sane reason for the islamists’ actions. They seem to be psychotic, mentally disturbed and violent and need to be treated as such. Americans better wake up, stop being timid in the face of your own destruction and fight back, speak out.

But no matter what, don’t fall fool for this lie of history, a lie of religion and a lie for violence.  The killers of the 3 Israeli teens are just Racists who are taught to kill. They are just criminals against man. They don’t have any moral equivalence or superiority. Their deity is not like other deities because their deity sanctions the beheading and the murder of humans and says OK to honor killings. This is sick.

All I know is that Israel called for a coalition government in 1948 with the Arabs after the British were pushed out, but the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ba’ath Socialist governments (built on the Nazi Model) that had formed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and others like the big Mufti, told their people lies, like: the Jews will poison your water, or the Jews will drink you blood, or the Jews will kill your children, to create discourse and then they teach hate and extreme violence. The “Palestinian” people have been used politically by Arabs, Muslims, but not by the Jews.

Yet they still kidnapped and murdered 3 Jewish boys for no other reason than to create more terror and fear. This now will end, the fear that is. ISIS and all the others must now be removed from our midst. They have called for it this ensuing battle, they have killed for it and now the world will stand up together on every continent, in every country, in every city and put a final end to it. THIS CANNOT STAND!


The Jewboy Journal  7-17-2014  Jewboy Feldman

The 100 year battle from Federal Republic to Democracy or Crony Capitalists on Steroids 7-16-2014

10450769_308979219277207_3421437616119079626_nThe Crony Capitalists have never had our lives or our families future at heart. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, whatever administration. Programs, regulations, taxes and laws were put into place, into motion, that during a thriving economy, almost look like they work, like they might even help people, help American citizens. But as the economy shrinks, it exposes the waste, the elitism, the crony capitalism and the disregard for America’s people. The corporations and political action groups, the lobbyists and social action movements buddy up with congress and the executive branch and slush funds and pork barrels are born. This is as old as pie. Now the original industrialists of America seemed to give back to the society, to the people, by building colleges, hospitals, libraries, infrastructure for people. ( don’t confuse these people with the Plantation Slave owning Democrats who were trying the reconstruction during this same time period.) Then in the 1910’s and 1920’s progressives exploded onto the scene. Some say that America started it’s downward progression from republic to democracy in 1913 when Woodrow Wilson taxed each and every working citizen of America. It was the big federal governments beginnings, getting the money rolling in. They began infringing on the rights of states, counties and towns. In the name of helping children, or safety or public health or some social issue. Or government’s need! The great industrialists children were not so benevolent. They began to affect and control parts of congress, impacting laws and economy. Now with that backdrop, I see the current administration as different from all those in the past, in their version of crony capitalism or crony socialism, as some have called it today. Obama and this administration came in claiming it would fix Washington, stop the corruption but instead they took back room deals to a new level, a new art form not ever seen in Washington before. This administration has attacked the core of America over and over again, it has legislated and pass edicts without The People’s oversight. As we clutched our guns and Torahs, Obama vilified American heritage, American history, American culture as bad, evil, racist, violent, imperial. But now we have a growing dependent class, a shrinking employed class and a rising government class. The cronyism is clearly exposed. This administration is clearly exposed now for it’s corruption and it’s attempts and successes at circumventing Congress. This administration has supported enemies of America. The Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian terror rebels, they struck treaties with Iran, they play risky political games with China, Russia, North Korea, Ukraine, Syria, Libya. They have turned on Israel, plain and simple, no matter the rhetoric they use. Now the southern border is being used as a highway for anyone with feet. From any country. From any culture. Just walk right in! Change your name, enroll in school and wha la…Amnesty er uh, I mean a New American. Don’t have to learn the language, learn the history, know the laws, like every other legal citizen. This administration is different. Not because of Obama alone. They believe in radical revolutionary theology they learned in the 60’s and 70’s. They are at war with our culture and traditions. They are at war with our inalienable rights and our liberty. They have invested in a race war to gain politically and get tainted votes through lies. And they have attacked free market capitalism with old socialist dogma and failed economic experiments. They don’t believe in America, in the true American Dream of equal opportunity, personal responsibility, honor, the family and the right to live in a civil society. The November election just won’t come soon enough.   The Jewboy Journal   7-16-2014    Jewboy Feldman

Is the World against Israel or is the World for Terrorism? 7-13-2014

the kidnapped and muedrs boys I see protests all over Europe and Turkey, over the Israeli response to being attacked with rockets for weeks and then the kidnapping and murder of the 3 Israeli Boys. Now the heinous, sick and stupid act in which an Arab boy was burned to death, gave the terrorist’s propagandists something to work with, something viable to argue, instead of the years of standard propaganda lies about the history of Israel, Israelis, Jews and Americans. In these 65 years since Israeli independence FROM BRITAIN, mind you, the racist hate, the vitriol, the violence of vest bombers, rocket and stone attacks, bus bombings and attempted kidnappings, Israel has remained humane and stayed reserved in it’s response to terror.

Understanding this is very simple, as Mr. Prager noted in his short film ‘There was never a Palestine State’ where he points out “One side wants the other side dead” ! This is the simple truth of the unending conflict. The Obama Administration supports the Anti-Israel narrative. Kerry and Obama have criticized Israel over and over the past 4 years, snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister, gave money and arms to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists and has emboldened so many, from Boko Haram to Al Shabab, from Islamic Jihad to ISIS even terrorists in China, Sweden, England, Thailand, Burma, Mali, Kenya, Malaysia, France, Turkey and BOSTON (remember the marathon bombing?)  Holder and Obama ran to the press that day and said “Don’t jump to conclusions about the perpetrators” !! Well they just ended up being Muslim and Terrorists.

So now Israel is taking hourly rocket attacks from Gaza and Lebanon and maybe Syria or Iraq and there is violence all over the West Bank. ISIS is at one border, Hamas at another border, Hezbollah at the northern border, surrounded by terror and Israel is attacked from all sides as Obama’s poll numbers show Muslims love him by nearly 80% – no wonder. The gun running to Syria through Jordan and Libya was kept quiet, the treaty with Iran, the photo ops with the Free Syrian Army which joined ISIS, all moves that hurt Israel and potentially America.

Now our border is under attack. The political game, the social engineering, this large illegal influx supported by Obama and the Democrats, is letting criminals and terrorists, not just children, not simply workers, not people seeking the ‘American Dream’ , not people looking to get an advanced education or to find work in major industries to have a real impact for America. They are just people who want to use America, use America’s citizens, use American laws that protect the weakest for gain or even worse for bad intent, possibly to hurt Americans for the same reason they want to kill Israelis. The current administration is treating  American citizens who pay taxes, vote in elections, take their personal responsibility seriously and try to maintain Free Speech and Liberty in their lives,  just like they treat Israel. They vilify, they demean, they attack, they lie and they support enemies. of our country.


The Jewboy Journal  7-13-2014  Jewboy Feldman